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Headquartered in Nashville, TN, Eminent Consulting, LLC provides advising, executive search, and staffing practices within organizations all around the country. Eminent’s advisory team will work relentlessly to help optimize your business and their dedicated recruiting team will provide the most qualified candidates for your needs. Eminent specializes in three industries but provides services outside those boundaries as well.


  • travel nursing
  • school nursing
  • hospital administration
  • COVID-19 response


  • full life-cycle development
  • compliance & business continuity
  • cloud implementation
  • CRM advisory


  • enterprise resource planning
  • payroll & bookkeeping
  • controller/CFO staffing
  • financial analysis

Our Story

When the COVID-19 pandemic began wreaking havoc on the US economy, Eminent assessed it’s strengths and pivoted to meet the country’s demands. They began focusing on travel nurse staffing and healthcare consulting. Eminent is proud to have placed 600 clinicians throughout New York in just 5 short months.

What Can Eminent do for you?

Whether it’s advising, executive search, or staffing, Eminent is confident in its ability to fulfill your needs. Their track record of success and diversely skilled leadership is a guarantee of the results they can provide for your company.

Dr. Amy Salgado
Dr. Amy Salgado
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“I am so grateful for Eminent and the work they helped me achieve. The whirlwind of signing a contract on Sunday and starting a new CNO position on Monday was surreal and I wouldn’t changed a thing. Being able to assist in a crisis situation has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.”
Geneve P.
Geneve P.
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Eminent is really the best agency I've ever worked with and I am not exaggerating. I've been in healthcare for 10 years and have worked with four different agencies but Eminent stands out because they're thorough very professional, personable, and accommodating. Eminent truly cares about their staff and ensuring you are happy with your assignment. I highly recommend this agency to any RN that wants to be treated well. They work overtime to make sure you are happy and my recruiter Dennis D. has always been available after hours and on weekends to get me settled into my position. Thank you Eminent for all you've done, I'm so happy I chose this agency. Not to mention all my RN friends are trying to sign up with Eminent because of all the good things I share with them.
Johnny P.
Johnny P.
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I have been working with Eminent for the past two months and it has been amazing. Quite frankly I am hoping to renew my contract and I would not consider doing it with any other company.
Mario R.
Mario R.
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Hiring thousands of licensed registered nurses for an entire metropolitan city is surely no small undertaking - especially during a pandemic that inhibits travel & mobility, creates uncertainty about personal safety & wellbeing, and outright has made life much more difficult for many. Answering the call of need for nurses in the city school system (NYC), I responded to a posting by Eminent Consulting. Very shortly thereafter I was contacted by a very friendly and genuine-sounding recruiter who quickly took down my information. The recruiter reviewed my resume, submitted it for approval, and within 24 hours I was being onboarded.
Alethia K.
Alethia K.
School RN
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My recruiter is Lynn Hanley. She is absolutely wonderful. I can only imagine how working with so many people and personalities can be trying. She handles it with grace, warmth and a sense of humor. I have called and texted her at very late hours and she always responds. If I ask a question that she can’t answer immediately, she gets back to me with the answer. She advocates for me and shows real interest in my being cared for in my assignment.
Eleanor Nisimov
Eleanor Nisimov
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This is literally the best agency to work with! My recruiter has been there for me since day one! Dennis who is my recruiter is so amazing to work with! I absolutely love his kindness and always having the answers to my questions! He is always there to take my phone calls even after his working hours, he is always helping me when I am unsure of things. I appreciate him so much and he is doing a fantastic job for this company. The agency is so easy to work with, they placed me in a really nice school where I'm giving back to my own community. I am so happy to be apart of the Eminent family!


Relentless in the pursuit of excellence and dedicated to providing the most qualified resources to suit your needs. The operational backbone of Eminent lies in it’s leadership. Their experience working in transformation technology, corporate finance, and healthcare management has helped lay the foundation for Eminent’s continued success.

Daniel LeBlanc

Founder & CFO

Reed Shandoff

Executive Advisor

Shannon LeBlanc

Director of Operations

Janet Tracy

Director of Business Development


We believe that all good business is built on a foundation of trust. We earn your trust.


We partner with employers in developing strategic hiring processes. No company, role, or candidate is the same.


We always keep you in the loop from day one. We're an open book. Have questions? Just ask.


We believe in fairness and ethics. We do the right thing, even when it's not convenient or nobody's looking.


We thrive on long-term relationships with employers. We hope to help fill your staffing needs for years to come.


We appreciate your unique needs. We listen and understand first. Then, we act.


With relationships in healthcare, finance, business, and other industries, we’re able to connect candidates like you with top organizations around the world. We don’t just match candidate skills with employer needs. We’re also able to place you based on personality, corporate culture, and the other intangibles that many placement agencies fail to account for.